How to Restore Course, or Damaged Hair

How to Restore Course, or Damaged Hair

 Have you found that your hair splits at the ends? Or tangles easily? There are numerous reasons why this may be happening. Depending on your type of hair and how it's been treated, there are a few ways to restore the health of your hair. 

Quick tips for every hair type: 

1. Getting your hair regularly trimmed. It's recommended by hairdressers that to get a trim approximately every 6 weeks. 

2. Use Argan Oil. This is a great hydrator for all hair types; fine hair, frizzy, course, oily and dry hair. 

3. Use the Grassroots Hair Detangler. This is a quick and easy option for when you're on the go but need something to get rid of those bed hair tangles. 


For more specific tips on your hair type and/or condition, here are a few options;

Do you have Coloured Hair? 

Colouring hair will reduce its moisture, especially at the ends.  If you have fine, coloured hair, we recommend using the Grassroots Deep Moisture Mask. This is a lighter weight solution that won't flatten your hair. 

If you have thick coloured hair, we recommend using the 60 Second Mask. This is a heavier solution that will help to bring moisture back, and any frizzy hair back into control. 


Do you have Naturally Course Hair? 

The hair masks mentioned above also apply for uncoloured hair. However if you're just looking to strengthen your roots and scale back on so many split ends, then we recommend using the Grassroots Hair Butter. This adds shine to your hair and moisture, which helps with easily tangled hair. 

Using the Grassroots Hair Detangler, Argan Oil, and getting regular trims will also help to keep your hair looking healthy. Not only that, but it also makes it easier to style for everyday, or special occasion outings. 


Have you tried any of these tips before? Have you tried something that worked well for you but you didn't see here? Please feel free to leave it in the comments! We'd love to hear of more great tips Xx


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