Our Top 5 Gifts for Mother's Day

Our Top 5 Gifts for Mother's Day

Our Top 5 Gifts for Mother's Day

Struggling to think of what to give your mum this Mother's Day? We have some ideas for what you can give to the busy mum. The most popular gifts for mum's are those which are both luxurious, and time efficient. Needless to say, mum's are busy! And who has have enough time to spend all day performing hair treatments when you want more time with your family? Here, we list the products that are perfect for a quick hair-detangle, de-frizz, and rehydrate. 

To begin, let's tackle the battles:


1. De-tangle: Hair Detangler 

This is perfect for bed hair, hair that naturally tangles such as curly hair or damaged hair. You can also read our article on restoring damaged hair. 

Simply spray the hair detangler directly onto your hair, and brush it out. The tangles will loose their grip and smooth out after about a minute.

The Grassroots Hair Detangler comes with a watermelon fragrance, leaving your hair smelling fresh and ready to go. 


2. De-frizz: Argan Oil 

The ingredients in argan oil helps to flatten the cuticle layer of your hair to keep frizz at bay. All that's needed is a small amount - about one pump - applied onto fingers, to run through your hair. Apply once every day for the best result. 

It's also perfect for;

  • Reducing split ends which can often lead to frizzing hair, especially at the ends.
  • Helps to promote thicker hair, keeping your scalp healthy.
  • Boosts the shine to your hair.
  • A great heat and sun protectant. 

There's a lot to love about the Grassroots Argan Oil with so many benefits in just a quick touch-up. 


3. Re-hydrate: 60 Second Mask 

The 60 Second Mask is a quick and highly effective way of keeping your hair soft and hydrated. 

To start, apply a 20 cent piece size onto clean hair. Leave for 60 seconds, and rinse. To keep your hair hydrated, apply this approximately once a week. If you have thicker and/or longer hair, we recommend applying a 50 cent piece size of product. 

Because the 60 second mask should last you about a month, we recommend the Treatment Starter Pack. The refillable aluminium jar helps to tuck the product away from shower spray, and/or spilling from the pack tipping over. 


Looking for Something else?

If none of these sound just right for your mum, you might be able to find something else amongst the rest of our range. All shampoo, conditioner, and treatments are all high quality and used in salons. All products are also eco-friendly with refillable options, plastic reduced packaging, and ingredients that are kind to our planet. 

If you've used any of these three products and loved them, let us know! Or if you have a suggestion for us then we're equally as enthusiastic to learn how we can improve! Let us know in the comments or via our email info@grassrootsmovementaustralia.com 



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