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Organic Hair Conditioner

Go natural with Grassroots Movement’s line of organic hair conditioner products. We’ve got hair conditioner products for different types of hair. We’re not one to boast, but ours may be the best hair conditioner around that’s all natural and organic. With a natural blend of oil and protein extracts, making it perfect for everyday use; our natural hair conditioner protects hair strands from damage, makes hair softer and manageable.

Grassroots Movement believes that there should be a balance between human activity and nature in order for us to have a more sustainable environment. That’s why we make a conscious effort that our conditioners and other products contain no harmful chemicals that negatively impact the environment, not to mention the damage it may have on your hair and scalp.

Our being environmentally conscious extends to our packaging as well. We only use aluminium for our refillable bottles so that you can refill them as often. Our fillable packs are also degradable; 60% of its components are dissolved in a residential compost environment in 120 days.

We’re proudly Australian-owned. All our ingredients are also sourced in Australia. Our commitment to protecting our environment while producing the best organic haircare products is our driving factor. We hope to inspire everyone to use less plastic and go organic.

Check out our line of conditioners and choose the one that’s right for you.

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