Staying Healthy, Green and Eco-friendly During Isolation!

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As the world battles Covid-19, it can be a struggling time for everyone, both mentally and physically. There’s no denying it, we've all had the odd day of staying in our pjs, eating left over pizza and not washing our hair while binge watching the 10,000th episode of Greys anatomy. But what if we told you it's now easier than ever to stay healthy, and that this isolation period is the perfect time to kick your green living habits into gear?

Start by choosing one small change, because every small change leads to exactly that, CHANGE!


You might be finding that supermarkets are quite empty at the moment. Which is why we recommend checking your cupboards before you make the trip. You can find 1000's of recipes online that only require 2-3 ingredients such as our top 3 favourites: 2 ingredient vegan pizza base, 3 ingredient gnocchi and even desserts like Pancakes from ripe bananas. Feeling extra motivated? Use fruit and vegetable seeds and create a vegetable garden. Plus, if you're looking for a healthy hair boost, check out what 3 Foods help Healthy Hair. Think of this isolation period as a chance to get creative, nourish yourself and help the environment by not contributing to food waste!


While sleep requirements vary person to person, on average, an adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Between juggling kids, work and life styles we'd be lucky to get 5 hours and that's not including scrolling through Facebook or Instagram before we sleep! Research shows that if you’re struggling to fall asleep, it might be because you’re looking at your phone, TV or laptop screen too soon before going to bed. We suggest cutting back on electronic devices and energy usage (Cutting energy usage helps you and the environment) and also try to include some natural sleep and relaxation therapies such as meditation, aromatherapy and yoga.


It's important to look after your hygiene even if you aren't leaving the house, and we aren't just talking about washing your hands. Hygiene covers complete care for your body from head to toe! You can make simple switches in your hygiene routine and bathroom to make it more green during isolation that include;

  • using cold water to wash towels, then hang out on the line for less energy usage.
  • Using plastic free shampoo and conditioners with degradable packaging.
  • Have a spa day at home using natural and organic ingredients to help you feel good!
  • Time your showers and save money! (And water of course)
  • Install a high tech toilet - They allow you to wash your hands in the sink above where the water can then run down into the bowl, allowing you to choose how much water you use to flush.


Luckily during the isolation period we have still been able to go for walks around the block, but if you're finding that just isn't getting you that muscle building feeling you love then we suggest looking into home workouts. Re-purpose old materials before throwing them out by googling things like "Making weights from bottles" or "How to make resistance bands from old clothing." If it's mental stimulation you are seeking, then try re-purposing things around your house and getting crafty! You'll be surprised at how many things you can re-use and save from landfill.


Make small changes today for a more Healthy, Greener and Eco-friendly Tomorrow.

There's no doubt that covid-19 has had us all in a slump and unmotivated at times. This is why we shared this list to help you boost your green living efforts; to get you back to feeling motivated and be that healthy eco-friendly loving person we know you are! All it takes is one small change to make a big long term difference.


Have you already made some changes throughout these lockdowns? We'd love to hear them! Feel free to leave your findings in the comments. Xx




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